Exiting the revolving doors of the Guggenheim, I embarked upon my walk across the park. Glancing back, I realized that my aspirations and actualities have collided. The days in which I devoted countless hours to watching Charlotte run around the boat pond in Central Park, which I was now approaching, and Carrie vent about her escapades with Mr. Big seemed distant. I had replaced Charlotte; I had become an actual character who was reflecting on her accomplishments and shortcomings. Like Charlotte, I was fearful for the future, but also elated with the present. Flashing back to my Sex in the City days, I became inspired to catalogue my own experiences in the city.

The profiles of the characters on Sex and the City are more realistic than I had previously imagined. I share Charlotte’s urge to be practical, Miranda’s desire to be successful, Carrie’s aspiration to attain beautiful material assets, and Samantha’s commitment to experimentation. Moreover, I am learning through experience to say both no and yes boldly. To commit to new and exciting experiences, but also reign myself back and forgo potential experiences due to monetary restrictions. Yet, by realizing the beauty of my surroundings, I have begun to feel at home in this imposing and fast-paced concrete jungle.

My conception of beauty has dramatically expanded. Arriving in New York with a handful of friends at the age of twenty, I sought refuge in museums. Immediately recognizing beauty in institutionalized masterpieces, I committed myself to attending two new museums per week. By repeatedly placing myself in front of striking—and at times perplexing—works, I identified the same beauty in humanity. Absorbing the creativity that surrounds them, people emit harmonious wavelengths. The city itself pulses with a stimulating energy; one, which I believe, is rooted in art.

Given the tremendous opportunity to interact with a diverse cross section of art and individuals, I am devoted to documenting my own art-related experiences. Based on museum and gallery visits, cultural events, culinary adventures, or any activity I feel encapsulates the artistic environment of New York, this blog seeks to convey through short excerpts the gravity of art and its impact on the everyday.


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