Life is beautifully chaotic. What draws me to art is that it has the ability to make chaos beautiful. Art simplifies our essence of being. It does so not though imposing order, but rather by making tangible the raw emotions of human nature and our surroundings. Yet, art is simultaneously simple and complex; it allows one to determine one’s own definition of existence though deep contemplation. I find this multi-faceted nature of art highly appealing.

Having studied Art History and Political Science at Tufts University (BA 2017), I am devoted to applying my academic study to the everyday. On campus I was an arts columnist for the Tufts Daily as well as a co-founder and chief editor for the Tufts Undergraduate Art History Journal: Medium.

In the pursuit of art, I have ventured far from my native San Diego. I lived in London for 9 months while studying at University College London (2015-2016). At UCL, I wrote for Savage, the campus’ arts and cultures publication, in addition to working at the UCL Art Museum and participating in work experience in the Old Master and Early British Paintings Department at Christie’s King Street. In NYC, I have interned at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (2015), ART21 (2016), and No Longer Empty (2016). In Boston, I acted as the Editorial Assistant for the collection of Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf  (2016-2017). Currently I reside in New York, working as a Sale Coordinator in the Post-War and Contemporary Art Department at Christie’s.

Documented here are my spontaneous critiques of art in the city, whether that be NYC, Boston, London, San Diego or elsewhere.

Creatively yours,

Emily Gruzdowich


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